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What annoys you most about how people treat your sibling?

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What annoys you most about how people treat your sibling?


2 They are quick to judge. on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:55 am


I've had people call my brother 'a creep', 'weird' and 'freak'
I just wish they took the time to understand him to be the amazing kid he is. Crying or Very sad [b]


People have said similar things about my sister. May I ask what type of disability he has? My sister has mild autism and she has come home crying numerous times and it was so hard for me to not want to beat those kids up. I decided that it was better to just explain to them that it is not a choice for her to be socially awkward or not. Some people listen, others don't, but at least they know and should feel bad about the things they say.

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